Piano 101

Steve's rig Here's what I ended up with keyboard-wise... Yep, big piano/computer stand in the middle of the living room. New digital drum kit in the living room, too. Yes, I'm single... Big huge tv for PC monitor. Components: Yamaha cp-33 good weighted keys and flawless piano sound Roland pcr-800 extra 5 octaves of lite keys and 10 sliders, 9 knobs, 25 buttons pitchbender, modwheel, channel pressure, program changer CME gpp-3 plus the pedal that came with my cp-33 makes 4 I think this is discontinued now. But I've heard good things about the similar Roland RPU-3 Yamaha DTX 522 drum kit PianoCheetah's SYN.exe gives me 3 millisec latency audio using .WAV files. But I mix in the cp-33's piano and my drum kit's sounds. Ok, We're done Go play some music, pal.