Here's what I ended up with keyboard-wise...

Yep, that's a hand crafted wooden stand for the Yamaha cp33 and Roland pcr800 :)
With a music stand, (sorta crappy) speakers,
computer, monitor, qwerty keyboard and mouse.

Computer programming mode!!  Yeah, that's my first love.

Sheet music stand and monitor slide left and right so both can center stage.


   Yamaha cp-33
      good weighted keys and flawless piano sound

   Roland pcr-800
      extra 5 octaves of lite keys and
      10 sliders (9 vertical, 1 horizontal),
      9  knobs,
      25 lit buttons (18 of the buttons can send notes with note pressure)
      pitchbender, modwheel, channel pressure, program changer
      That's -58- sound tweakin' controls !!!

   CME gpp-3
      plus the pedal that came with my cp-33 makes 4 :)
      I think this this is discontinued now :(
      But I've heard good things about the similar Roland RPU-3

   My PC has a plain soundcard,
      but Windows7 and PianoCheetah's SYN.exe gives me 3 millisec latency audio
      using soundfonts - niiice :)
      But for piano, I mix in the cp-33's wonderful piano sounds.

google's sketchup is =SO= cool


GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome - get used to it...:/

Ok, Go play some music!