Pianos aren't cheap.  You'll need to spend money and time.
You also need a chair, piano stand, maybe a stereo...
How can you even afford a dang piano?


Ask your Dad!!

He'll get you one. Trust me. Dads want you to learn some science and some art. They get that musical instruments are cool. What level of piano should you get? - cheapo junk - under $300 Lite key (organ style) keyboards are cheap and terrible for learning piano. Make your son prove his love for piano by seeing how much time he'll do. Don't sign him up for piano lessons until he shows dedication. Find something he can still use later as a 2nd tier synth keyboard. At LEAST 61 keys. One with sliders and a pitchbender and pedal jacks. Maybe a Novation LaunchKey61 or an M-Audio one. - beginner - above $300 the Casio Privia line... or Yamaha YPG,DGX lines... Great starter pianos. Inexpensive. Weighted keys. They MAY be too "clacky" for you. (Keyboards sort of "rattle" a little.) - pro - $900 or more I recommend the Yamaha CP-33 or something similar. - acoustic - WAY over $4000 steel strings on an iron frame over a wooden soundboard will forever stomp paper cone speakers. But also require quarterly tunings, space, and your family may murder you. If you can afford an acoustic, you can afford a digital to go with. Look elsewhere for info on acoustics, please. Hit a local piano store (Guitar Center sells digital pianos, too). - See what you've got to pick from. - Bring your headphones as the speakers may be lame. - You must actually TRY OUT something before you buy it. Feel the keyboard action - they all differ and can't ever change. Ever. Feel is the most important quality of a keyboard. - Sounds are kind of important, but PianoCheetah can add missing sounds. Do research at pianoworld.com's digital piano forum and especially pianoworld.com's digital piano forum - prices paid thread A digital piano is actually TWO things: - a keyboard controller (keyboard makes midi so a PC can make audio) - a sound module (generates audio via midi from a PC or local control) Don't get a piano with keys that light up. The lights give you bad habits. ________________________________________________________________________________ Next up, what makes a good midi controller (input qualities of a keyboard)