to do list

stuff I'm workin' on...  (sorry, it's all in Stephen-ese)

TrkEZ - handle more than 1 LH or RH track (auto merge tracks) DlgSLst on boot w NOTES. reorder etc. (drag gui?) fancier w learn/rep in a big top section w notes queue n done hid by default checkbox for slower search IN midi files too have dupcheck do full binary cmp lots of stats: #bars,tsigs,tempos,ksigs,sounds,tracksetc,lyr,etc avg velo, varying velo(yn)?? learn mode; solo/lead/comp/riff autoLoop if any tempos too off or missed/wrong notes, lower the tempo n hear it if ok, raise the tempo SOME if ok at tempo, loop check n next so PER LOOP tempo stored (shown?) DB to store historical problem spots ...somehowz on "couldn't open device" dlg, add midicfg button START android companion app to just play yer repertoire for car singin some recording is leaving downs with no ups prob cuz poz'in or somethin maybe cuz rec'ing down,up during poz then EvInsT wrecks order? HopTo to time 0 doesn't wait at time 0 if there are notes there get the GOD DAMN track control's width right once n for all auto-repeating tempo arrow buttons (bar too, etc) get drum program changes for my kit to work Lead Mode - new cmd to rec snippet n hop to that time in song test what happens at device level when drums are powered off n on junky drawing Wipe cmd doesn't clear out track control's note,ctrl counts when hoppin forward, old note or 2 often left back on page trans, too much tempo drawn bigger toolbar icons n other gui spots don't draw beats when bar is empty

BACKLOG non-breakin bugs: (well, mostly) setup.exe needs viruschecker false pos message. site dl link, too. shouldn't be able to change drum rec track rec channel to non 10/* track paste dies often:( PreMsg key handling interferes with track name editing, printscreen can't del,recreate device/syn/sound.txt file sometimes (syn lockin to rd?) toss handswap code (play's loopend) at end of song, when in lead, show pageturn to next song in songlist note/ctrl display/editing edit fingering by pressing 1 2 etc on hover? redo scale,chord showin in chord(root,3,5,7,x); in scale(1,4,5; 2,3,6,7); outside chord&scale hide subbeats of each beat having no ntDns (per beat, not just across bar) test for overlap before these funcs cuz can wreck song: time offset <,handSwap,ntUpd,rcMov,noteIns copy evs: { to } => ^ del evs: { to } works but has bugs currently(recalc lyr times??) scale velocities (x/127) 127=scale up to max, 64=max is 64 rest scaled scale durations (x/64) 64=no change rectMove - do drum notes too transpose - button to make it permanent loopinit, instead of checking for EXACT match, do percent diff calc a missing note as M_WHOLE*2, else ABSL(time1-time2) better ctrl deleting - if ! _got, drag rect thru time w/in ctl draw NPrs events as just lines on top of note bg...? draw PBnd on top of note too? hilite next notes to play IFF at new position (SHOW ALL HOPS) (based on fingering maybe?) make "now line" color intensity pulse - hi at beat, low between contracting bars upon edit, adding bars to end, etc velo for bg tracks - use AVG of rec vs ? per _dn instead of just last nt track edit gui test goin from + to non+ splits track outa group pick dev=+ on 2nd grp trk kills dev.chn display of top grp trk for drum trk, shouldn't be able to pick a dev w no drums some elec drums (mine!) generate overlapping notes add ntUp on 2nd ntDn w no up yet, and kill the ntUp when it arrives l8r on any ToLearn trk changes, add/del rec tracks rh/lh/drum Midi Radio pick random midi, rate it a,b,c,delete (store date rated too) listen: 60% a,40% b,no c or unrated (incl user rec'd midis esp) rate: 100% unrated fresh: only recently rated songs mine: just recorded midis you've done optimize TimeHop so progch is never sent 2nd time (CLICK!) styles/chords: easier pickin preload style files in empty a-z spots Sty2Clip for Drum\*.txt, pull real TSigN,D,dur from song (or use .txt prefix?) for Style\*, put tsig ev in .mid for nicer editing do beat=1 crashes for fills? (x=01 00 18 craNote craVelo); use ANY CCs? survey sez 1,3,5,7,10,11,64,65,71-4,84,91-5,121,123 try to keep groove start time in sync across style changes? docs: SongClip\Style\*.*=> [main|fill|intro|outro]\tsNum.tsDen_bars_styfn_varia.mid track name has melo|chrd|bass|drum_trackname_ ?[chordmap] ?r[rootmap] @[quality] Sty2Song - not currently using ctrls from stys (non tsig,ksig) when editing chords, give list of likely candidates root preferences on a scale note of keysig falling in triad CEGBDFA circle thing take hit[], apply ksig's #/b, fill in 7 slot circle, find leftmost =bass note, especially at chord start and not rep'd throughout dur find bass note well enough to add /bass to chord text prefer chord start time on beat, or when a kick happens use common progs, keysig, prev chord to weight chord picking livestyles (like yamaha) build background track in real time pick chords as a melody is played live make "cross channel" style ctrls for drum,bass,chrd,melo volume/mute switch style var(a,b,c,etc) based on overall velocity (per thepro) SetList songs can be added,del'd from live filler between songs (fill_song_x for x bars, tmpo=120..80) songs markers shown in list (including reps as chorus#2 etc) "hopper" cues can be added to skip/repeat(Ntimes?) marked sections melo/chrd/bass/drum can be dropped/solo'd by sty volume ctrl tempo can change during song add filtering (mute/timeMod/noteMod/veloMod) per section per track DlgMix add default button (does UN-CCInit) full SYN GUI access to edit ALL sound CCs pickin,settin modWaves open waver however that bmp=>dsp thing works in ppgwave TapQuantize to time align a live played song (on bar or beat?) re-time (squish/stretch) to new bars/beats w tempochanges, etc adding tempo changes and adjusting note start/dur got the song DOWN? - distraction mode hop to random loop, random pauses, extra loud background noises, screen flashes, screen blanking note editing set velocities over a range of time to crescendo/decrescendo/etc add control events over a range (w/ different "curves" too?) for funky pan/wow effects, etc

syn test easiness for just playin piano use PianoCheetahSongs dir for .WAVs ?? modWaves - how to standardize, extend beyond roto, rels... do roto per tempo start rPan at note's pos from middle c (instead of always center) portamento (autopitchbendthingy) sample crossfading (maybe just channel crossfade?) key => _pan (get key_center,range from song?) "echo/pan to the beat" release tails (=>amp,pan) lfo-ish-sync'd-to-subBeat: (simple loop modWaves) filter sweep => cut pan sweep => pan vibrato => pbnd tremelo => vol (does whistling=vibrato+tremelo ??) voiceLevel: _key+PBnd/PBnR => _phInc _vel*vCut|cut => flt.Cut() (hpf,bpf,ntf ???) res => flt.Res() _vel*vol => _amp pan => _panL,_panR chor,rvrb => fx sends mixLevel: cNr, cLevel, cSpeed, cDepth, cType rRoom, rDamp, rWidth, rLevel find n try extra filter,fx code (and .WAV creation techniques) basicsynth's plucked string algo, filters, fx sfxr - see how it makes wavs from scratch arss - see how it does fft for wav=>bmp and bmp=>wav GUI some stats like current,max #notes/#voices mayyyybe do full 24/32 bit output

Mid2Song if any error, rename fn.mid to fn.mid.BAD; write fn_BAD.txt and MINIMAL whining dialogs shouldn't allow dup ctrl events (same dev,chn,ctrl,TIME) - use last one programchange can split a noteDn to track1 and noteUp to track2 :( ideal fix would be moving noteUp to track1. probably by pairing notedn,ups (inclu overlapping,broke notes)

Mid2Txt - put in DlgSLst? csv the output for excel
MidiCfg - default the d/l and setting of devTypes for the known ones

SETUP_PIANOCHEETAH use existing "progid" instead of slammin in "extfile" when Update() gives shh param, don't pop gui (use existing appPath,assoc)

Mod2Mid,BIABToMid => ToMid
Mod2Mid do all fx, not just pan convert more .mod formats serialize me so can convert more than one dang .mod at once from winExplorer

UnXI,UnSF2,UnDLS(,UnAIFF) => ToWav XI - how to get sample's note?? AIFF -

Txt2Song riffs within same .txt file (note subroutines? syntax?) put stuff btw #riff lt name> and #riffend in temp file and map lt name> to tmpFN del temp fns at end how to do double gracenotes ?? for crescendo/decr: ctrl curves (from,to,dur,curvetype) for vocal tracks, some kinda verse2 syntax for alternate tweaks to melody (like the teeny notes on 2nd rep, etc)

Waver load .wav even if soundcard doesn't like the format. need to check everything pre-save :/ (and pre-play) show sample value as float between -1.xxxxxx and 1.xxxxxx loop point view (end of loop on left half, begin loop on right half) button to move to next "post quiet" spot for split checkin